Friday, June 10, 2011

Ok, it's time for some Candy!

Ok, Boys and Girls!

I have been thinking about certain aspects of the game, and what I am looking to accomplish in it. My intention is to start you guys out as experienced members of the Sword of Caine, not high level, just experienced enough to get by in unlife.

Therefore, please add the following dots to your sheet, free of Charge:

  • 1 Dot of the FollowingLore: Cainites

  • Lore: Sabbat

  • Lore: Your specific Clan - (Yes, Dan, there is Clan Lore: Pander)

If you have already bought dots of these, add another. You cannot be brought above five. If you have already bought up to five, hold onto the dot for now, and I will tell you where to allocate it.

  • Additional Point of Willpower

  • 1 Dot in one of your In Clan Disciplines (Cannot bring you above 3)

If you have bought 0 dots in a discipline, you MUST spend this dot on a level of that discipline. Dan, you may buy a dot in any of the Core 8, nothing Clan/Bloodline Specific.

After that, give yourselves 50 XP to spend on your sheet. Note: These are to be spent as XP, at XP costs, not Freebies.

With that, I would love to sit down for an hour or two with each of you to talk one on one about your character’s background, perhaps run a little prologue before we get going.

If you have any questions, please drop me a line @ , or respond to this Blog Post.

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